While at The Art Centre

Hello and happy Saturday!

Please watch yourself while you’re here, be careful, we are renovating this site.

In the meantime though, the Monsters have been hanging out at the Art Centre at Westmount Shopping Centre in London, Ontario.  They are having a great time, although being in close quarters with each other has caused some arguments, but they get over them pretty quickly.

Zepher has been being a bit difficult, but that’s only because he is low on his hug retrieval.  Yup, he has a certain number of hugs he likes to receive every day, otherwise he begins to be a bit cranky, well you can see that in the photos below:

Art Centre 1

Art Centre 4

While the other BeSpoke’s can usually handle each others, um…idiosyncrasies, I think Adams (purple), Oneil (orange) and Kingsley (pink and green) are not amused by Zepher’s behaviour.  While Oneil seems to be being stepped on, Adams I think is edging further and further out of the basket.

Well, I brought Zepher some celery and gave him some hugs.  He should be okay for a few hours at least.  Zepher tried to look nonchalant afterwards, but I don’t think he looks as collected as he might like.

Art Centre 7

During the commotion, the BeSpoke Monster Hugs seemed to be just fine, they are all cozied up inside the basket, and apart from the occasional bounce around the shop when no one is looking, I think they are happy to hang out there for a while.

Art Centre 10

The only one I’m a bit worried about is Memphis.  It seems he needed some alone time and wandered off from the rest of them.

Art Centre 5

See?  He looks sad doesn’t he?  I spoke to him, brought him some miso soup and onions and finally found out what the issue was.  You see Memphis loves chasing and terrorizing dust bunnies, dust rhinos, any sort of dust being he can find.  There are none of those there at the Art Centre, so he was feeling a bit bored and sad.  I suggested he think about all the fun he’s had with dust beings in the past to cheer himself up.  He did, and it worked!  He has re-joined the rest and isn’t so sad looking.

Well that’s what the majority of the BeSpokes are up to, and while they are there, Hendrix and I are renovating this site – well we would be if I could tear him away from his book…

Hendrix Reading

it’s a grey Saturday anyway, I think I will get some reading done too!

Have a wonderful hug-filled day!


Christmas 2014 and beyond…

Hello and happy holidays to everyone!

We’ve all been busy doing holiday stuff, and the monsters have had a busy time.  Here’s what’s been happening.

First – we had a party – yup a full-fledged BeSpoke Monster Adoption Party.  Smuggly B.L.M. Monster was adopted into a fabulous home where he will be ridiculously happy.  Oh, if you don’t remember or know who Smuggly is, here’s a photo:


Such a cutie!!!

After the party, Sad Carl was kind of embarrassed that he didn’t make anything for the party.  I mean we had cake, there is always cake, but he didn’t personally make anything.  So he’s been reading a cookbook that we got from a friend.  He’s been reading it for a good week…he’s a slow reader, Sad Carl likes to savour every word, think about it, put it into other sentences and so on.  It seems it will be a while before he attempts to make anything.  At least it’s keeping him busy and maybe just a little bit less sad.

Sad Carl Reading

And, to top off the holidays, just before New Years, one of our sweetest and most bouncy BeSpoke Hugs was featured in an Easy Treasury!!!!  Its always such a great thing to be in a treasury, and ever since, the hug in question has been bouncing all over the place, and to it’s credit only two glasses of water have been upended!!  (That’s seriously a record around here!)

Okay so just for continuity sake, here’s a photo of the hug:


And here’s the link to the treasury, it’s called: MONSTER Hugs!  Do please click, if nothing else you will smile, I guarantee it!!

So as the shop gets emptier and quieter with each BeSpoke Monster that goes to a good loving home, the push is on for more and more Monsters!!  We are eagerly awaiting new BeSpoke Monsters in the shop and of course in the studio.

I hope you all have a very safe and happy New Years celebration!!!



Hendrix Searches for Meaning…and Other Stuff

Hello hi hello and hey there!

So yes, yes, I am a bad blogger – it’s been so so long since my last post.  (hmmm this feels a little confession-y doesn’t it?)  Anyway…

See the thing is that the studio and all the BeSpoke Monsters and I moved AGAIN!!  Yup we’ve moved a lot in the past little while but I think we’re here (here = where I am writing from, where the BeSpoke Monsters are ….) for a longer stretch.

I mean I really hope so, do you have any idea the chaos involved with moving a studio full of rowdy, complicated, neurotic BeSpoke Monsters??  Let alone my own rowdy, complicated, neurotic self.  Sheesh!!  (Some monsters will only sit on the right side of a car or van, some will have to be serenaded and told jokes,  some will need special treats just to get in a vehicle – buttered raspberry licorice – and some – like Hendrix – will want to stick their heads out the window for the entire trip).  Well, in the end we all moved and are now basically settled, I think.

I am a little nervous, the monsters seem to congregate more than they used to…they sit and speak in hushed tones, then when I happen to walk by or right up to them they stop and just stare at me!


monster group 2

See what I mean?  For the most part they are all looking at me in a kind of blank manner…very unusual, or at least a ‘new’ monster thing.  Notice though that Kingsley (the green and pink monster) is staring off to the left?  I think he gets confused.

In any case it is not like them to congregate like that for any length of time, they are usually spread out all over the studio, or when they do get into groups they end up arguing about something. Well, I suppose I will have to wait and see what’s up, but I will keep you posted.

Hendrix too has been a little subdued.  I think the moving has caused him to start thinking more philosophically about life and has begun searching for meaning.

hendrix 3I had to tell him that that book in particular probably wasn’t what he thought it was…sigh.  He put it back and, well just sat there – thinking I suppose, although he looks a little sad to me – or lost maybe.

Hendrix 1

So in my mistaken worry for Hendrix, I asked Sad Carl if he thought Hendrix was feeling sad – I figured he’d know.  But all I could get out of Sad Carl was:

“I don’t know…did you try pickles? ‘Cause I know he loves pickles – do I like pickles?  Isn’t it sad that I don’t even know if I like pickles or not?  Maybe I should try some…do you have pickles?  Gosh if you don’t have pickles, Hendrix IS gonna be sad.  Maybe you should check.  Could I try one if you have some?  Are pickles good? Are they orange, I’m not sure I like orange things…is that sad?”

Sad Carl 2

I slowly backed away from Sad Carl, to let him continue his ruminations (he does that for hours at a time) and checked the fridge for pickles – we had some!!  I gave the jar to Hendrix who immediately perked right up and was back to his old self, I left him to give a pickle to Sad Carl.

So that’s about it.  We are all fairing rather well after the move and expect to be posting a lot more now that we’ve found what we believe is a good sturdy home.

I expect Hendrix will be writing a post or two now that he knows that his basic need for pickles will most certainly be met.  Whew!!

So there we are, actually, here we are and there you are – where ever it is that you are, that is.


And with that, please keep well and happy



A Monster on a Train


Hendrix 8

Well, this is a post that’s been a long time coming. It’s taken forever to sift through photos, Hendrix is very picky about what photos I post here. On the other hand though, he had such a wonderful memorable time on the train to Ottawa he wants to remember everything.

Lets start at the beginning.

Hendrix boarded the train with us, but didn’t have a ticket. I wasn’t sure what VIA’s Monster-without-ticket guidelines were, but we hoped for the best.

At first, any time the steward passed by, Hendrix did his best to hide behind the curtain;

Hendrix 18

Hendrix 26

Hendrix 30


That seemed to be working and we all began to relax – we were on a wonderful VIA train, VIA One service and enjoying every single minute of it!!

But then, Hendrix got just a little too excited by all the by all the beautiful scenery and jumped at the window:

Hendrix 14


Well…needless to say, our secret was out – we helped a BeSpoke Monster board the train without a ticket – in first class no less!

I’m not sure if she is called a steward or stewardess because she’s a woman, but after some searching through rules and regulations and a very long talk with Hendrix, she issued Hendrix an ‘all-clear’.  Actually they became quite chummy!  The photo is a bit blurry…:

Hendrix 19


With all that cloak and hide-the-monster activity behind us we were free to enjoy the ride and the meal!

There was enough of everything to share with Hendrix, starting with the warm towel.  Hendrix used this with relish (not the condiment, that would be silly):

Hendrix 25


Hendrix 22


Hendrix 23


Hendrix 24


Now I didn’t realize this, but BeSpoke Monsters are allowed to drink, and allowed to drink on VIA trains.  Hendrix loves VIA now.  Here he is with his before and during dinner wine:

Hendrix 12

Hendrix 29

And then the meal, we had delicious well cooked wonderful meals.  Hendrix, however, seemed only interested in bread and treats:

Hendrix 17


Hendrix 16


He wanted to save the next two (for what or when I don’t know – he still has them, hidden under a cool whip lid at the back of the fridge):

Hendrix 15

Hendrix 11


After the meal and wine, we all became sleepy…relaxed and maybe even a little introspective.  Hendrix has a habit of looking out of windows and thinking:

Hendrix 10


Well that’s just about it, Hendrix wanted to make sure I wrote that he loved LOVED that trip and thinks VIA Rail rocks.  He’s right, we all agree!  We can’t wait for our next adventure!

Until then have a wonderful day, night and the next day…

Be happy and a little silly!

Hendrix 32

Hendrix and the Art of Stick Hunting

Recently I was very lucky to be included in a ‘BeSpoke Monster Stick Hunt’.  A very rare opportunity I’m told.

We started in the early afternoon.


Shot by Hendrix - 'Calming the Monster Heart' before the Stick Hunt
Shot by Hendrix – ‘Calming the Monster Heart’ before the Stick Hunt

When we arrived at the park, Hendrix plopped himself on the ground and looked up – took a photo and said: ‘First one must calm, centre and focus the Monster Heart” then he handed me back my phone, spread his arms and legs out and took quite a few deep breaths.

One of the first things that must be done on a stick hunt, after the ‘calming’ of course,  is to purvey your surroundings, looking for best stick areas, competition from other monsters and of course making sure to stay unseen by humans and dogs.  As you know dogs have a liking for sticks as well, so the monster must move quickly and as quietly as possible.

BeSpoke monsters have the ability to just seep into their surroundings.  Hendrix – a master stick hunter – has these powers as well.

Hendrix stick hunting 12


Now, I realize that Hendrix may look calm and even restful in the above photo, but no…it wasn’t 5 seconds after I shot this photo that Hendrix was up climbing.


Hendrix stick hunting 10


Here he is from what he described as ‘the perfect vantage point’:


Hendrix stick hunting 5


And after a long few tense minutes of Hendrix just starring like that, he leaped and found his prey:


Hendrix stick hunting 1


This rather large (“…oh, I’ve caught waaaay larger” *-inserted by editor) stick had to be broken down to be carried home.

After a brief rest and a photo of Hendrix with the best part of the stick, we walked home…Hendrix triumphant and boastful of another successful hunt.


Hendrix stick hunting 13


There are sticks all around the studio now, in curtains, on walls, stuck upright in vases…each one has a story, dramatic tales of narrow escapes from dogs and children.   I will try to convince Hendrix to tell you these tales someday.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day doing whatever it is that you are doing and here’s hoping you are doing something you love to do!!


A long lost relative?

Okay…watch this video..in it is a long lost relative of the BeSpoke Monsters…Hendrix is so excited and has been watching it over and over and over and…well you get the idea.  He keeps pointing out that the video starts where there are lots of trees…and where there are trees…there are STICKS!!  

Okay…here’s the video…

Herman Dune, “Tell me something I don’t know

Okay…Hendrix is gonna spend the night watching the video, and I am off to sleep!


P.S. Hendrix is still working on his posts about hunting sticks…it will be here soon…




Etsy Treasury Lists

Well hello!

Hendrix wanted me to write a little post including two wonderful Etsy Treasury Lists that two of the BeSpoke Monsters have been included in.  So here we go!!!

First, on April 2nd, Soda was included in a beautifully sweet little treasury called ‘Take Me Home‘.

And second, on April 4th, Saul was featured in this fabulous treasury called ‘Hurray It’s the Weekend‘.

So take a second, take a month even, just take some time and have a look at these two collections, there are more than just the monsters to see! 


Next Up:  Hendrix Stick Hunting…


Hello and Welcome!

This blog is primarily for and about the BeSpoke Monsters.

I would like to introduce Hendrix B.L. Monster, the handsome* monster in the photo at the top of the page.  Hendrix is the Editor-in-Chief of the blog and is pretty darned proud of it.

And me?  Well, I am the wrangler, facilitator…let’s say liaison between the BeSpoke Monsters and, well…you!

So please, sit back and enjoy, the monsters are natural story-tellers and show offs – this will be fun!



*handsome added by editor